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How do you make a fast withdrawal from online casino?

Withdrawing from a gaming facility is without a doubt the most satisfying and fulfilling achievement any online gambling fan will ever experience. Especially when everything goes smoothly and without any problems. So here is what you need to do step by step in online casino with instant withdrawals:

Request a withdrawal. The first step in processing a withdrawal is to inform the gaming site of your intention to withdraw the proceeds. You need to select the payment option you want to use. Note, however, that the processing period is different for each option. E-wallets are particularly popular because payments processed with them are usually the fastest to pay out.

Casino processing. Most fast payout casinos only take a day to complete the transaction. Some of them make the process irreversible thanks to a special feature called a “withdrawal lock”. Once activated, all funds earmarked for withdrawal are immediately inaccessible for other purposes, such as placing bets.

Are you familiar with the customer procedure (KYC). When you send a withdrawal request, the game site will in turn request an ID from you. In certain cases, you may also be asked to provide proof of earnings. The reason for this is that such institutions are legally obliged to check that there are no criminal or illegal businesses involved in the process. We therefore strongly recommend that you have the relevant documents nearby.

Processing of the payment provider. Once the money has been released from the gaming venue, your payment provider will take responsibility for processing the payment.

Keep your winnings. After you've sent the request to the gaming venue, selected your payment method, provided proof of identity / earnings and waited for the payment provider to do the rest, you will finally be rewarded with your casino winnings.

This allows players to speed up their payouts

Although different best online casinos process withdrawals at different rates, and the deadlines depend heavily on the payment method, there are a few steps that players can take to ensure the fastest processing time possible.

Use the payment method the site specializes in

You will find that some gambling sites put certain forms of payment over others. Many newer casinos trade Bitcoin, while others prefer just e-wallets or even bank transfers. Once you know which method works best for you, it is a good idea to choose a website that specializes in that payment option.

For example, the withdrawal time for e-wallets on a website that focuses on Bitcoin can be weeks. However, if you look at one of the sites that Neteller and Skrill have preference, you will get your withdrawal much faster with e-wallet. The same applies to the opposite situation. If you plan to use bitcoin, the smartest thing to do is to choose bitcoin casinos.

Have your account verified when you sign up

Before an online casino can make a withdrawal, it must verify your identity and access your bank details. Websites sometimes request copies of various types of ID, bank account numbers, or occasionally invoices on your behalf as proof of residence.

This can be a tedious process that can be frustrating. It is best to have your account verified and ready for transactions early on when you first log in. In this way you can then quickly withdraw the money you have won from the gaming venue.

First, check the gambling website

Logging into a venue blindly is a delicate matter. The fact is, there are so many internet casinos out there, and it can be incredibly intimidating to pick one to trust with your money. It can be difficult for new players to find a really good gaming portal. To make it easier for you to choose a reputable online casino with fast payouts, we share our knowledge and experience with you. So take a look at our list and find out which of the fast payout venues will best suit your needs.