Our History

  • 1999


    Luca Gennasi and Rocco Giacotto founded GeTech in February 1999.

    “It was decided one evening and it turned into a twenty-year partnership. We were both young, inexperienced and full of enthusiasm.

    Initially we decided to set the company up in Minerbio, in the northern outskirts of Bologna, an area that on the one hand was ideal for taking our first steps as new entrepreneurs, due to its’ typical small town reality, but on the other it posed various logistical and structural problems, certainly not suitable for the development we aspired to.

  • 2004


    Those early years, which today we think of with nostalgia, were certainly not easy but definitely very exciting, with a steady growth in turnover, the number of customers served and a growing confidence in our means and capabilities.

    In 2004 we began to participate in various International Trade Fairs, an experience which soon led us to the acquisition of our first foreign distributors and to the opening of a commercial office in Germany. It operated for a few years after which we decided to merge it with our Head Office in Italy.

  • 2009


    Like most Italian companies, we plummeted in the 2009 great crisis, losing a large part of our turnover and orders, but we came out of it possibly even stronger and more aware than before. The celebration of our 10th year of activity in December of that year represented our refusal to give up and an omen of rebirth in the years to come, which promptly happened.

  • 2012


    In January 2012 we moved to our current headquarters in Villanova di Castenaso, a central industrial area a few kilometers from Bologna. The new venue, much larger and more strategic than the previous one, allowed us to make a definitive quality leap by starting an automated logistics system which to this day is still our pride.

  • 2016


    In subsequent years, we defined and improved strategic procedures with the aim of giving greater visibility to the company Brand, as well as a greater assortment to our range of products through the acquisition of the commercial branch of a competing Company.

  • 2019


    We have now reached 2019, the year in which we will celebrate twenty years from our foundation. Our group, led by us the founding members, still active participants in the daily running of the company, is more than ready to meet new challenges and to consolidate our fame in Italy and the world.”

  • 2023


    We are striving to use only recyclable material for packaging and shipping. We are environmentally aware and we are also trying to do the best we can for the planet's sake.

  • 2024


    24 FEBRUARY 1999 - 24 FEBRUARY 2024


GeTech Today

We are a dynamic company, leaders in our field and in the forefront in the supply of industrial technical products.

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